IT Support

Saving Work

Work MUST be saved to your network area - often referred to as your 'N drive'

Click 'save as' and navigate to computer, then the N drive (which should display your student number), name your file and click save.

DO NOT save to 'my documents' as this will attempt to save on the local machine, will not be available on other computers and could be lost permentantly when you log out.


Your student email address is your student number e.g. if your student number is 66666, then your email address would be:

You can access your email from anywhere; simply go to and log in using your student email address and college password You use the same password for all services at Varndean including the email.

Google Drive Cloud Storage

Linked to your college email account is a cloud storage facility known as Google Drive (as well as numerous other Google services). Google Drive gives you 30GB of storage space which you can use during your time at college. You are encouraged to use this facility as a central location to store your work, as you will be able to access it anywhere (at home for example!) Media, Graphics and Photography students will find it particularly useful as there is limited space available on the N Drive.

*Please bear in mind all services linked to your college email account (email, google drive, calendar etc) will no longer be available when you finish studying at Varndean*

    Using Chromebooks

    Log onto Chromebooks using your email address: For example if your student number is 54321, then youe email is Your password is the same as for all other college services.

    When downloading worksheets and tasks from Moodle, bear in mind that these will be saved in the downloads folder. Before you start working on them, save into your google drive. This will then automatically update the documnet as you work.

    Printing from the Chromebooks:

    • Once the document is ready for printing ensure its saved fully in google drive.
    • Open the Webprint App
    • Follow instruction to upload document to print
    • Select printer

    Office 365 for Education

    Students and staff at Varndean College are entitled to use Microsoft Office online, and download and install Microsoft Office to their personal devices.

    1. First, head to

    2. Enter your academic email address and click Get started

      1. for students: [student number]

      2. for staff: [username]

    3. Select either I’m a student or I’m a teacher

    4. Sign in with your college email address

    5. Follow instructions until you see this menu:


    1. Now you can use the web apps, or click on Install Office 2016 to download the installer.

    2. Run the installer and follow the instructions to install Microsoft Office on your computer. You will be asked to sign in again.


    Note: your subscription to Office 365 for Education is only valid whilst you are a student or staff member at Varndean College, all services will cease to work when you leave.

    Last modified: Thursday, 23 November 2017, 9:57 AM