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A study of the causes and course of the French Revolution 1774–1799; a tumultuous period of change for the French people as they experienced a maelstrom of revolutionary activity, war and constitutional experiment, and one that would inspire revolutionary movements around the world.

The legacy of these revolutionary years has been revolutionary in itself. It can be seen in the great ‘-isms’ of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: liberalism, radicalism, socialism, communism, conservatism and nationalism. It influenced — along with developments in the USA and Britain — the ‘model’ of the liberal-democratic state championed by western nations today; not least in its reminder of the ‘terror’ that political fanaticism can bring. It inspired other revolutions across the world, including in Russia (1917), and millions of ordinary people to fight for rights and freedoms.


Section A: One source question (20 marks)

Section B: One depth essay (20 marks)